February 6, 2013


Ron RoseThis website is a production of the Faith Coaching Network. The FCN is a non-profit organization based in Texas and focused on triggering faith into action around the world.

Over the last few years we have become an Internet leader in providing online faith building resources. Integrating a growing web presence, social media, podcasts, online training courses, tutorials, and blogs, the FCN venture is helping believers around the world take faith off the pages of the Bible and into action. On the Faith Coaching Network pages, faith is a verb.

Coaching Genuine Faith

sad-woman Genuine faith is not found on a static list of orthodox beliefs; it is found in the dynamic stories of how and why we live, the struggles we face, and the people we touch.

Sound intriguing?

Each year thousands find energized courage at the FCN.

Here, it’s all about story: God’s story; the story that is still being written, chapters that are just beginning, adventures in progress, and mysteries that are yet to be unraveled. Join us…explore, discover, wonder, imagine, be the story.

It’s past time to get out of the shallows and into the deep, out of the huddle and into the game, off the couch and into the streets. Look for Jesus between the weekends…He is already there…waiting.


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