January 31, 2013

Faith Team

Taking Faith Mobile

Ultimately followers of Jesus are called to be the story, to be the light, to be the salt, to make a difference in their world. They instigate and even innovate outside the walls of church. They pray and push, but they never make the choices for anyone else. The marching orders are: “Be the Story!”

The miracle moment of grace changes everything. Even though many believers never quite get the gift of grace unwrapped, the impact leads to an adventure embedded in mystery.

There is no “pause” button for real life. That’s why questions, candid conversation, and stories are so important to genuine faith.

The unexpected nature of life introduces you to a mapless society punctuated by “holy Ground” moments. These life crises, or faith challenges can provide the push necessary to turn loose of what has been and get a glance at what can be.

Truth is faith is never static…it is always moving and morphing and modulating. When God calls his people into action, he provides his Spirit to help them see the unseen and hear beyond the words.

The Faith Team Perspective

The loss of employment, health surprises, disasters, emergencies, personal attacks, war/violence, family breakdown, and unexpected days of evil, can have faith crushing potential; but, they also can be the moments God uses to write the next chapter of His story in our lives.

As long as we live in a fallen world, we will stumble. We try to pretend and hide this truth, but hiding only makes it worse. People of genuine faith know all about stumbling blocks: temptations, doubt, flat-out rebellion, weakness, failures, and anything that puts a hitch in our spiritual get-along. God uses these developing stories of second chances and turn around’s to revive hope and purpose and deliverance.

Stories help trapped believers escape the treacherous fog of bogus truth. Mental blocks cloud our vision, keep us from experiencing the “real” thing, and paralyze our expectations. Call it: legalism, churchianity, second-rate theology, or worship of the Bible, these counterfeits keep us from the Truth. Stories lift the fog and clear the air.

The Faith Coaching Network exists to help believers find the stories, tell the stories, and be the stories in this generation and the next. We stand strong to extend the call: to push believers out of the shallows and into the deep…to bring story to life.

Consider this a personal invitation

As I see it, the greatest joy in life is getting to be the story…taking faith to the streets and leaving a legacy in the process. So, tell me about it: Share a time when you accepted that call in the middle of life…the casting call for God’s faith adventure.